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Corporate Plan 2018-2022

Over the past five years Hull has transformed into a nationally recognised and celebrated city, while at the same time responding to all of the challenges faced by the public sector.

Hull is rapidly moving towards becoming a net contributor to the regional economy. Delivery of Green Port Hull and UK City of Culture 2017, have provided a platform that has set in train an economic investment profile to rival any city in the Northern Powerhouse and Yorkshire Devolution Agenda. Population, the economy and visitor numbers have also continued to grow, all of which has led to a new degree of confidence and self-belief.

Challenges remain in Hull for those most vulnerable or ‘distanced’ from engagement and excluded from the benefits of economic success. Demands on key services such as children’s and adults’ social care, housing, transport and education also continue to grow. This places ever greater strains on budgets, which continue to reduce due to year on year reductions in government funding.

The council does not face these challenges alone – they are an issue for the entire city and region. The size of the budget gap, public sector funding pressures including changes to our funding and increased demand for services mean that we cannot continue to run the council in the way that we have done given the reduction in grant funding from government. Some things will need to change with partnership working and innovate approaches becoming increasingly important. In response the council will continue to reshape its services, looking at ways in which we can deliver services and achieve better outcomes more efficiently and in new ways. Increasingly this will involve closer working with partners across all sectors to find joint solutions. It will also enable maximising the value of public spend to the local economy, alongside greater efficiencies through closer working across public sector organisations. 

The Corporate Plan sets out our overall vision, priorities and values for the next four years. This will guide everything we will do as an organisation and how we will go about it as we work towards securing a positive and sustainable future for the city, through decisive leadership and the development of inclusive partnerships and communities. It focuses on major issues that require specific attention rather than listing every activity that we undertake. The Corporate Plan helps us target limited resources and provides a framework against which we can assess our progress. In doing so, we will work jointly with people and organisations to tackle inequality and focus on the fundamentals: providing reliable services, building resilient and connected communities, supporting employment and decent jobs, protecting the public especially vulnerable people, reducing our impact on the environment, adapting to climate change, and the health and wellbeing of the population.

Read the Corporate Plan 2018-2022 here.